D’Hub is the name of the festival's professional program, providing a platform for discussion, the sharing of ideas, and the development of innovative strategies to maximize the impact of documentary [...]

D'Lounge will provide a unique experience, blending the world of film with Berlin’s vibrant arts and nightlife scene. Over six evenings, the festival will present films at exciting Berlin locations, [...]

D'Salon invites you to dive into a series of engaging talks and lively discussions in the intimate setting of a cafe. Join leading figures from politics, activism and the media as they delve into [...]

At the heart of Dokumentale are cinematic, innovative and powerful documentaries. Our aim is to inspire through masterful storytelling, with outstanding protagonists and compelling narratives, all [...]

Non-fiction, a classic format, offers a wide range of insights. Through readings, a temporary library and workshops, visitors will be able to rediscover audiobooks, e-books and classic hard covers. [...]

Podcasts are booming, from true crime to cultural-historical topics. Our curated selection will offer a glimpse of the diversity of this format, offering live sessions, where audience members will be [...]

Virtual experiences (VX) are changing the way we interact with digital content, from immersive virtual tours to cutting-edge interactive games. Our curated range of VXs provides an immersive and [...]